Pistachio Trees

The female variety of Pistachio we produce is Sirora because it has the important characteristics of high yield and high percentage spilt, which is essential for successful commercial growing. The compatible Male pollinators are known as Male Number 3 and Male Number 4.

Trees are grafted onto Terebinthus rootstock because it has resistance to both nematode and fungi and tolerance of both acid and alkaline soils. We are also licensed to propagate the new patented disease resistant F1 hybrid rootstock called Pioneer Gold 1 and we can graft trees on to this rootstock, providing growers provide us with 2 years notice and pay the seed royalty.

We can also provide rootstock trees of either Terebinthus or Pioneer Gold 1 in either a 70mm tube or a 4Ltr poly bag, that can be planted into the orchard and then field budded.

Naturally, all of these trees are container grown in aerated, steam pasteurised potting mix and irrigated with chlorinated water to ensure that they are supplied free of soil borne diseases.

Please either call us or drop us an email to enquire about current stock availability or placing an order to enable us to custom build your trees.

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