Sunraysia Nurseries is a VINA (Vine Industry Nursery Association) Accredited nursery producing quality certified vines. Accreditation assures that only the highest quality vines are produced following the best possible propagation practices.

We have the ability to produce in excess of 1 million grafted grapevines per annum.

Our vines are bench grafted and pre-callused before being either planted into plant bands to be sold as a 4 month old product or planted into the field and grown on for 12 months before being lifted and sold as a dormant 1 year old vine. We also produce grapevines in 150mm pots for retailers.

All our vines are hot water treated and our field vines are pre-trimmed and ready to plant which saves you both time and money when it comes to planting.

Please download our grapevine catalogue for more information regarding grapevines and our grapevine rootstock guide will help you understand the many rootstocks that can be used in the production of grafted vines.

Naturally, with so many possible combinations it is necessary to order in advance to allow us to custom build your grapevines. We do however carry in stock a range of the more popular combinations so please call or email us to discuss all your grapevine planting requirements.


Download Grapevines Catalogue

Download Grapevines Rootstock Catalogue