All of our Avocado trees are container grown in steam pasteurised potting mix in 4 litre poly bags. We irrigate with chlorinated water to ensure that trees are supplied free of soil borne diseases. We produce according to market demand, currently between 10,000 and 20,000 trees annually, consisting of approximately 15 varieties.

We graft all our Avocado trees onto Zutano seedling rootstock because of its tolerance to both salt and lime.

The Zutano seed is extracted in Winter, heat treated and planted into seed boxes. Once the seed has germinated it is then potted up into the 4 litre poly bag. Once the young tree attains a suitable height and thickness a fruiting variety is then grafted onto it.

Avocado’s are “grown on” on raised beds (which complies with accreditation standards), to breach contact with possible soil borne fungal spores (phytophora).

The trees are trained, staked, disbudded and available for sale in Spring, effectively taking 18 months to produce a saleable tree.

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