Spring 2017 planting

We are germinating rootstock seed from Auscitrus right now for Spring 2017 planting.

All of our citrus trees are container grown in root training containers, to avoid root binding and to permit year round transplanting and we pasteurise our potting media using aerated steam (60 degress C for 30 minutes) and nourish our plants with slow release fertilisers, built into our potting media.

We cull all goose necked and non nucellar seedlings to ensure that we are only budding onto “selected”, true to type rootstocks, thus ensuring nucellar seedlings carry the desired characteristics of the rootstock variety.

We disinfect all secateurs and grafting knives every two hours and as we change from one stock or scion to another.

We deliberately bud high (23cm), to ensure that orchard soil never makes contact with the scion.

Our citrus trees are professionally trained and staked to a standard that facilitates skirting and we label every tree to reduce varietal mix-ups in the orchard.

During Spring, Summer and Autumn we spray our Citrus Trees with Copper Oxychloride every 4 weeks and White Oil every week, for the prevention of scale and leaf minor. Additional sprays of insecticide are applied if and as needed and we spray all trees just prior to dispatch, with an anti-transpirant.

Contact us now for a quote and then let us custom build your citrus tree requirements for 2017 planting.